"Creation of the OAU" and "Ketema Yifru's Biography" were written based on the conversations that I had with my father, the late Ketema Yifru. 

In order to remember some of the details, I had to go back to the following sources:

1). Mr. Yemane Demisse's extensive and detailed taped Interview of Ketema Yifru, which ranges from subjects like the creation of OAU to Ketema Yifru's childhood. At this occasion I would like to thank Mr. Yemane for taping such a detailed version of my father's account as well as his kindness of presenting my family with the copies of his interview. 

2). Ketema Yifru's Interview by the Muday Magazine, which also has detailed version of the creation of the OAU, the 1974 revolution, and Ketema Yifru's thoughts on Ethiopia's national Interest.

3) "THE AFRICAN SUMMIT CONFERENCE." Published by The Publication and Foreign Press Department. Ethiopian Ministry Of Information. 1963. 

4). Ketema Yifru's 1963 taped interview about the creation of the OAU, conducted by the BBC's Focus on Africa.

5). "Dr. Azikiwe's Attack On the Casablanca Group." The Times. Friday, January 26. 1962.

6). Ketema Yifru's diary on the 1960 Coup Attempt.

7). Ketema Yifru's Prison Diaries.

8). A Letter Ketema Yifru wrote  Emperor Haile Selassie about the need for change. 

9). Ato Ayalew Mandefro's comments were taken from the article he wrote in the Ethiopian Review titled, "Farewell! Ketema Yifru." February, 1994. 

10). Ato Teshome Gebre-Mariam Bokan's comments were taken from a personal e-mail that I received from him.

11). Some of the information that refers to the PAN-African Freedom Movement For East and Southern Africa (PAFMECA), was taken from a book titled, "PAN-AFRICAN Freedom Movement For East, Central and Southern Africa," which was published by the African Department of the Ethiopian Foreign Office in 1962.

12). All the pictures which are presented in this website were collected by Ketema Yifru.

13). Some of the information that refers to the 1960 Coup attempt was retrieved from Fanna Wegie, a book written in amharic by Yihun Alemayehu. Published by Bole Printers. 1984.   

14). I have made use of the May 1963 verbatim of the first meeting of the 32 African leaders in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

15). "STATEMENT MADE IN THE UNITED NATIONS by H. E. ATO KETEMA YIFRU." Available at the Boston University and Michigan State University Libraries.

16). Foreign Relations of the United States 1961-1963 Volume XX1 Africa.

17). The World Food Program Staff Newsletter No. 5 March, 1994.

18). Colin Legum's Africa Series. 1968-1969.

19). Africa Research Bulletin September 1-30, 1982.

20). Markakis, "Ethiopia: an Anatomy of a Traditional Polity."

21). Carter, Gwendolyn. "National Unity and Regionalism in Eight African States." Cornell University Press. 1966.

22). Ketema Yifru's 1991 Interview by Kenyan Television, which was shown by CNN World Report.

23). Ketema Yifru's Thesis titled, "The Disposition of the Former Italian Colonies, 1945-1949." Boston University. 1952.

24). The background, which is displayed in the Home Page of the web site, is part of a of an autographed document, which was presented to Ketema Yifru, by the the founding fathers of the Organization of African Unity, in appreciation of his commitment to the creation of the OAU.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped in making this possible. First and for most, let me take a moment to remember my grandmother, the late Kassech Sehalu, who would always take time to tell me wonderful stories about my father.  My mother, Rahel Sinegiorgies, is solely responsible for my interest in my father's work. In general, both my grandmother and my mother were able to give me a perspective, at a very young age, of my father's accomplishments and the great love and pride that he had for his country.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed vital information, including Ato Teshome Gebre-Mariam Bokan for his insight and advise  and Ato Ayalew Mandefro for that wonderful article that he wrote about my father. In addition, I would like to thank those who gave me their advise on various issues. 

I would also like to thank Lily Beshawred, Mulugetta Ketema, Yohannes Ketema and Mickey Ketema for both their assistance and unwavering support. 

This website would not have been possible without the know-how and creativity of my very good friend Mille Hailu.

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