A Brief Summary of Ketema Yifru's Diplomatic Career

1. Member of the Ethiopian Delegation to UN General Assembly 1954-1957;

2. Member of Ethiopian Delegation to the first Afro-Asian Conference in Bandung, Indonesia, April 1955; 

3. Led the Ethiopian Delegation to the Meeting of Ministers in in preparation for the Second African-Asian Conference, Djakarta, Indonesia, April 1964;

4. Actively pushed for Ethiopia's participation in the first Non-Aligned Nations Conference - Belgrade, 1961;

5. Participated in the Non-Aligned Nations Conference in Belgrade in August 1961 as head of Ethiopian Delegation to the Preparatory Conference - Belgrade 1961;

6. Participated in the Belgrade Summit of the Non-Aligned States, 1961;

7. Participated in the Non-Aligned Nations Conference held in Cairo, Lusaka, and Algiers at both the Foreign Ministers and Heads of State Level;

8. Led the Ethiopian Delegations to the United Nations General Assembly Sessions from September 1961 to September 1971;

9. Traveled widely in Africa in 1962-1963 to bridge the gap between the Monrovia and Casablanca Groups of African Nations, and thus paved the way for the African Summit of May 1963;

10. Chairman of the Preparatory Foreign Ministers Conference, which drafted the Organization of African Unity (OAU) Charter;

11. Actively participated in the first All African Summit Meeting held in Addis Ababa, May 1963. Made a significant contribution to the creation of the OAU;

12. Led Ethiopian Delegation to the Council of Ministers Sessions of the OAU from 1963 up to 1971;

13. Member of Ethiopian Delegation to all OAU Heads of States and Government Conferences up to 1971;

14. Led the First Ethiopian Delegation to Somalia in 1968;

15. Chaired the African Economic and Trade Ministers Conference in preparation for United Nations Conference on Trade and Development IV (UNCTAD IV);

16. Led Ethiopian Delegation to UNCTAD IV Conference held in Santiago de Chile and was elected by the African Group to be their spokesman at said Conference;

17. Led Ethiopian Delegation to the Group of "77" Conference in Lima, Peru in 1972;

18. Chaired one of the African Ministerial meetings leading to the Lome 11 Convention with the European Economic Commission (EEC);

19. Accompanied the late Emperor in his official visits to Africa, the Middle East, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, the Caribbean, South and South-East Asia, the Far East and Australia.