I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting this website and for taking time to send your comments.  

Well done and congratulations!

I viewed your site at a critical time. Next Tuesday the rejuvenated OAU, the African Union, will be inaugurated in here in South Africa. To day I was preparing to find some material on Ethiopia's role in the establishment of the OAU. Your web site provided me not only with information but gave me an opportunity to refresh my childhood memories. Thank you and well done!

keakberot gar

Minga Negash, Professor


Dear Makonnen:

At this historical period when our country is at a cross road works like yours-the biographies of the late Ketema Yifru, one of the prominent sons of Africa will do a great service for the whole continent. Probably the tragedy of Ato Ketema was that he was born ahead of his time. As the old proverb goes, " a prophet will never be respected in his country."

Thanks for the fantastic work. I just hope that others will follow your foot step.



Dear Friend,

I just want to say that you have done a wonderful job of honoring your father ,someone who was truly an Ethiopian hero to most of us .I had had the opportunity to meet him while he was a minister during Haile Selasie's time. I always thought of your father during college years in Addis, and how it was possible for someone without the required royal blood to have a successful life in our beloved country. 

My earnest request for you is to send the very important documents you have to websites that many Ethiopians visit, such as Ben's. His contribution to Africa has to be known to many younger Ethiopians, specially the letters from Oliver Tambo etc. Last  but not least, I hope and wish you remain engaged to your people and country as your father did even if some times it may seem hopeless. 

With regards, 

Girma Mitiku 


What a life.....What a full, full life! I am glad that I have lived long enough to read the biography, and that there is a child who is proud of the memory. But what a life! An African life!

Peter J Katuliiba

I thank you so much for a very informative story of the OAU. Even though I was not born at that time, I heard a lot about OAU and the people involved in its creation.

I am so happy to read all about it, it defines who we are, as Africans. I am also proud and happy to have the OAU headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Thank you for taking me and others like me back to the history of the OAU's creation.

Kiddist T.


Dear Makonnen,

I have no words to express what I felt during my journey through time into the past; a past shaped by what I heard of and what I read, a past that sounds and looks like a dream within a dream. Yes, I heard and read about Ethiopian revolution and its victims, including your father, the late Ketema Yifru. I also watched a documentary film by Haile Gerima where, for the first time, I saw the face of your father. I heard him talking about the African Visionaries. I didn't know he was one of them who stood at the forefront. 

Your presentation is a well-organized form of historical document. You took me step by step into the past, eventually to find myself right in the present. Well, after all isn't history about the present? Now, I know why Mother Africa is in misery, she ate her best sons and daughters.

Thanks a million.



I found your volume of information profound and heartwarming. As a young Liberian living in Monrovia and obsessed with one day becoming a radio newscaster, Ketema Yifru was one of the names I used to like to pronounce. I would pick up a couple of newspapers, when I was in the first grade in 1963, and pretend that I was reading the radio news. Well, many years later I ended reading radio and television news, and also became Director General of National Radio and Television. I was appointed Minister of Information after that in 1984, when I was 31.

All along, I always wondered what happened to my favorite name, Ketema Yifru, until I was doing some online searching about the OAU and came across your site. The information is indeed invaluable, and you have done a lot of people great service by sharing the information. As a matter of fact, I suggested the photo of the late emperor and your father as the photo of the month of July for the LIBERIAN ORBIT, www.liberiaorbit.org a Liberian news magazine web site that consulted me for some of their technical matters.


Alhaji G.V. Kromah


I found your site while doing some research for our magazine Rhythm Vibes. Excellent information. We have been saying for years that Cecil Rhodes had the right vision for Africa ... from the Cape to the Red Sea but we know that he or his friends and cronies were not the ones to achieve it. Then we saw the King of Kings set up the OAU in 63 but only in 2001 - the Africa Union becoming a reality - are we beginning to see any real signs of movement towards fulfilling the vision of a united Africa - mighty and proud!

We respect the role played by your father and lament our current generation which has failed miserably to pick up where he left off ... The King said "Africa awaits its creators" ... there are thousands of well trained students available who do not want to become advisors but who want to just go out and help to make it happen in our lifetime.

I hope that the current generation of leaders on the Continent can find ways to facilitate our participation ...

And to those who think Rastafari are mere dreamers .... reality time ...

"A Jus De Vibes ... Jah Luv is like a burnin' fire ... "


I stumbled across your website and I found it very informative. Especially the story of Mr. Ketema Yifru. I was born in Ethiopia and my father worked for the OAU for about twenty years.

Keep up the good work.

John Skevofilax
Austin, Texas


I just found about this web site today and I am really proud of the job done. Fantastic! You, Ladies and Gentlemen, you deserve a big "Bravo."

Darnace Torou


I am one of the Ethiopians who had the privilege and honor to know H.E Ketema Yifru.

This was a man who commanded the respect of many both inside and outside Ethiopia for his wisdom, his intellect, his compassion, and his service to his country and to Africa in general. The work that you have put together is a befitting tribute to this great Ethiopian. I hope that one day we will be able to read his complete biography.

Thank you for your good work and congratulations.

Fikre M. Tsehai


This is a wonderful Ethiopian web site I have ever visited !!!!! Good Job !!!



Dear Mekonnen,

I read the autobiography of your father with the greatest of absorption. I will read it again and again. Ketema Yifru was the true son of Ethiopia and Africa. His work is the example for us -- for he has demonstrated, by his deeds, what it means to love Ethiopia.

You did a marvelous job by creating this site and by writing and making accessible the autobiography of your beloved father. This is the right and timely thing we, the present generation Ethiopians, have to hear about.

Thank you Mekonnen.

Getachew Assefa
USA, California, (SFO).


Dear Makonnen,

October has been a joyous month, for I and I have had two very special occasions to Give Thanks. First, the news of the 70th Anniversary of His Majesty’s Coronation on November 2nd and the Emperor Haile Sellassie I ceremonial procession and re-burial at Kidist Selassie (Holy Trinity Cathedral, Addis Ababa) on November 5th, created great feelings of hope and warmth for Africa. The November events in Addis are a turning point for Ethiopia, Africa, and indeed for human history.

Then, last night when I discovered your website, a second wave of the glad tidings of appreciation coursed through my soul. The story of the foundation of the OAU, the founders biographies, the tribute to your father; Beautiful, excellent work! The letters section is also very inspiring (the note from Alemayehu Behulu made me cry, as I felt the pain of those raised during the troubles), almost like a bulletin board for conscious Ethiopians and Africans globally. OAU-Creation is a breath of fresh air, a mustard seed that will grow into a tree holding millions in its branches.

Jah Lifeguard


Dear Makonnen,

I have read your website from beginning to end, and will probably read it again and again. I have also read the comments that people have made about your page, and although they are all moving and interesting statements, they don't seem to be enough. I do not need to tell you that you should be proud of all that your father has done, or for the pride and affection he arouses in so many of us even now that he is gone. I don't need to tell you what a great man he was and how very much he accomplished with his life, or how truly horrible that his contributions to his country should be paid with eight years in prison. You are aware of all that. History is paying him the debt he is owed. My platitudes and pretty words could never do him justice. However I would like to say that you yourself should be very proud of what you have done. You have created an outstanding web page. You have informed me and many others about the history of my country and my continent. You have made many of us proud, so you should accept your due credit. Most of all, shining through it all is the deep love that you have for Africa, Ethiopia, and your father. Makonnen, you have rendered a great service to all of us, and we owe you a debt of gratitude. So many stories of so many great men have died with them. You have prevented this from happening yet again. I am truly proud to call you my friend.

Solomon Kibriye


Dear Makonnen,

I am sorry that I have taken such long time to let you know my thoughts and feeling on the web-site you constructed on the biography of your dear father - Ketema Yifru.

It has been said, time and again, that the number of our forbears who left written testimony about events of their period is scanty. As a result, priceless information and historical data on Ethiopia have been irretrievably lost. To avoid similar replay of happenings, I remember how much I had pleaded to Ketema, before he was imprisoned by the Dergue and later when he stayed briefly at my home in Virginia soon after he got freed, to start writing his memoir. I was elated when he had promised me to do so. Unfortunately, a sudden call of destiny superseded his promise. Instead, as in Shakespeare's tragedies ' death carried him over '.

It is therefore, most fitting and commendable that you, as one of his beloved sons took up the challenge of writing his biography with the modern tool of the web-site. As you attested by your writing, I was privileged to have been closely associated with Ketema in both professional and personal level during a period of two decades when he was rendering outstanding public service to Ethiopia. What you wrote on the web-site is commendable and kindles many memories for all those who lived through the times of Africa's shiny visionaries of the sixties and seventies. Ketema was one of them as his name will ever be synonymous with the creation of the OAU. In the African context, the luster of his name will remain shiny for years to come and even if it begins to fade slightly with time, he will be epitomized by the African proverb "a sharp spear needs no polish". 

Congratulations, Makonnen for the web site you constructed for Ketema.

Sincerely yours,

Ayalew Mandefro.


Dear Mekonnen,

I just want to pass my appreciation for the outstanding work you have done in creating this site. By surfing the site, I learned and knew a lot of new things about the creation of The Organization Of Africa Unity. It is impossible to find such over whelming, informative and educational material any where else except your site. Your site, which is full of first hand documents such as pictures, letters, speeches is incomparable with the official OAU site. Your late father Kebur Ato Ketma Yifru, who was the real eye for Africa and the corner stone for the creation of OAU, who threw a dream into space and brought back a new life, new friend and new country, should be considered one of the greatest man of the 20th century on the Africa continent. I thank you very much for a such wonderful site.

We've got a generation now who were born with semi-quality. We don't know how it was before, so we think, this isn't too bad. I guess it is time to wake up and start working hard to know about the past. I get very disgusted with the younger generation of Africa. We need to know that we had a torch to pass, and we are just sitting there. We don't realize that it can be taken away from us very soon. Things are going to have to get worse before we join in fighting the battle.

Mekonnen, in any moment of decision the best thing one can do is to do the right thing, and that is what you exactly did. Your site is a great tribute not only to your father, but for the whole African continent, for the then great leaders of Africa and Particularly to the people of Ethiopia. It is a great honor to have an Ethiopian like you.

I hope the official OAU web site will learn a whole lot from your site.

I thank you again for the job well done.


Getachew Gebregziabher


Thank you Makonnen. It is a wonderful job. This is what is missed in our history. We failed to write about those who can be mentors for the new generation. I congratulate you on what you have done in this regard.

Have you thought about a book - in Amharic? As I was reading your website, I remembered what was sent by my pastor in the morning. Here it is:

You Never Know

" You never know when someone
might catch a dream from you.
Or something you say may open up the windows
of a mind that seeks light;
The way you live may not matter at all,
But you never know, it might.

And just in case it could be
that another's life, through you,
might possibly change for the better
with a better and brighter view,
it seems it might be worth a try
at pointing the way to the right;
Of course, it may not matter at all,
but then again, it might.

"Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees.
Make level paths for your feet, so that the lame may not be
disabled, but rather healed." Heb. 12:12-13

I wish I had a book in Amharic so that I can send my younger brothers and sisters. You never know, your father can be a mentor for the young people who want to join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
I wish you all the best.

Once again thank you for the good work.




Let me send you my appreciation and goodwill for the overwhelming and outstanding work you have done in creating this highly resourceful OAU history Site. This is wonderful and splendid!

Your Father's (ATO KETEMA YIFRU'S) biography is inspiring and powerful. Nigeria's first Foreign Affairs Minister, JAJA ANUCHA WACHUKU (1918-1996) was my uncle who Inspired and nourished my life. His life continues to touch mine in every bountiful and uplifting manner. I was glad to see  JAJA ANUCHA WACHUKU's photo with ATO KETEMA YIFRU. It made my day and will continue to do so all my life. I have many of my uncle's photos but  not this one with your father.

You have indeed done a worthy job creating this OAU founding history Site. This is a great honor for Africa. I am very sure your late father would be so proud of this incredible tribute you have paid to all those distinguished men who stood together with beautiful and treasurable visions for the survival of Africa. It is sad to see what our generation have done to their wonderful dreams for Africa.

Thank you so much for letting us know the outstanding life of your father. Thank you for letting us into stories we would never read in history books. Thank you for publishing JAJA ANUCHA WACHUKU's photo with ATO KETEMA YIFRU. Thank you for the overwhelming homage and honor you have done to these great founding fathers of African brotherhood and solidarity. May God Almighty grant us the courage, strength and faith to stand together, as one people, and make their beautiful dreams and visions for Africa real and meaningful for our generation and our progenies. God bless you abundantly for creating this OAU History Site!! I am very grateful for all the breath-taking work you have done on this Site!! What more can one say? : This may be a small step for you; but I can assure you, this is a giant stride for Africa anchored by you, MAKONNEN!!

With love and every good wish:

Geneva: Switzerland


Dear Mekonnen:

This is just a short note of appreciation for all the work you have done compiling the biography of Ato Ketema Yifru.

I just finished reading the "KETEMA YIFRU'S BIOGRAPHY" and have certainly enjoyed it. More importantly, it was a pleasure to learn about Ato Ketema's charisma, intelligence and his significant contribution to first, Ethiopia, then the rest of Africa and the world in General.

I intend to read through the entire web site as the days go by. I would also make sure that I forward the link to family, friends and business associates. This is a must read site for all.

Again, thanks a million for the good work.


Berhane Medhin
Dallas, TX.


I jumped to your site after reading the article on Seleda website, and as I jumped to your site and heard the music of Bob Marley, my eyes filled with tears. Thank you for sharing your family history with the world, there are those in the human history that are destined to make a difference and your father was one of those. For those of us who where born in Ethiopia and have some childhood memory in it, reading and hearing the unpublished personal accounts are a truly moving experience. Keep up the good work.




I was touched by the autobiography of your father. It is part of our history that has been forgotten by many. It would have been a blessing if we have somebody like your father at this time and age. Still, it gives me pride and hope for our future when I see a story like this. Thank-you for sharing it with all of us.

Sewit Eshetu


Dear Sir,

We are many Africans scattered around the world and who are very thankfull to you for your excellent initiative of this web site concerning OAU creation.

Could you please do us a favor and remove the black screen of your background ? It is quite impossible to read. Even the headlines. I am convinced your site will then attract many visitors.

Once again congratulations and many thanks for this wonderful piece of African History.

Athanase Karayenga


It was a very important work you have given us. I am sure your loving father and everlasting Ethiopia's dearest son the great our Ketema Yifru will be happy with his dear son's work. During my reading my mind was wondering if our country will ever again have people like Ketema Yifru.  If we do, it will be a blessing from god.

I want to suggest that if you have the time and the chance, can you give the copy of this biography to schools like Addis Ababa University, because as you know many of our people are not lucky enough yet to read this important document through a computer. But if you put a few copies in some important places many of our people will learn a very important lesson for the future.

Berhanu Teckle



I congratulate you on this fine accomplishment. You have contributed an important piece to a period we
young Ethiopians know little about.

Reading this biography of one of the giants of 20th Century Ethiopia and for that matter Africa, H.E Ketema Yifru, is truly inspirational. I have heard much about the great work of your father and his immense contribution to Ethiopia. I thank you very much for shedding more light on his role in the OAU, which is of great importance for present and future historians of Africa.

By sharing it with us you have not only enriched our experience with the memory of His Excellency but also honored our nation, and most of all yourself by allowing to pay tribute to your father.

I wish you all the best and God speed on your future endeavors.


Abayneh Mikyas



Just wanted to congratulate you for the tribute you gave your father by creating such a fine website. In this day and age when so many of us Ethiopians are scattered all over the world, it is so important to keep our heritage alive by whatever means we can.

Gache Ketema was like an uncle to my brothers and I. I always remember him as a very cheerful person - always smiling. He was very much a part of my childhood in Ethiopia.

Debritu Merid


I read your article and was delighted by the web site about your dad, Ato Ketema Yifru.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dawit Haile. Your story about your father's imprisonment and how it affected you hit me close to the heart. My father was one of the people who was imprisoned just like your dad. Although he retired from gov't duties way before the revolution, my dad Kegnazmatch Haile Mekonnen was what the Dergue called an "imperialist" and was imprisoned for being an insider to the Emperor's regime. I don't want to get into it, but my father served his country faithfully for many years before retiring. My father knew all the people you mentioned including your dad. I especially remember General Kebede Gebre because he used to come to our house when we were extremely young.
It was with much interest that I read Ato Ketema's autobiography. You see, I have heard my father and his friends mention the name of Ketema Yifru. You hear people talk about the various personalities who served in the Emperor's administration. As you well know, it is a sad fact of life that much of our country's history is by word of mouth. So when a ferenji comes along and writes a history about the country, many people are bound to accept it as truth.

I do remember the book about the ministers coming out of the trees to talk to the king. A Jamaican gave me the book and I was left with a picture of people cowering in the presence of the mighty king. In retrospect, this person wrote a book to primarily make money with no regard to the accuracy of history. You have done a good job in presenting us with a clear picture of some of the dynamic personalities that were effecting much change behind the scenes. I was proud to hear of your father's accomplishment as an educated Ethiopian and it should be a precious historical paragraph in Ethiopia's history books. Ato Ketema was one of the many well-educated Ethiopians who accomplished a lot and brought Ethiopia to the forefront of African politics. I think one of the king's accomplishments was like you mentioned, his belief in education and his willingness to give underprivileged but gifted kids the opportunity to study abroad. The bottom line is that I want to commend you on your work on the website because I think your father was a trailblazer and his work should not be forgotten. You should be proud of your dad, we all should be.

In closing I would like to tell you about another individual who worked hard for his country during the Emperor's regime and underwent the same treatment as your dad in the hands of the butchers' commonly known as the Dergue. His name is Ato Menassie Lemma. He was a very close friend to my father. Anyway, I hadn't seen or heard from him for a very long time and called him up maybe a couple of years ago. After chatting for a while and just before we said goodbye I asked him about his work back home and he said that he and people like him were trying to build Ethiopia just like Japan (his words exactly). Just think about that. With people like Ketema Yifru, Menassie Lemma, Aklilu Habtewolde, and many other educated, dedicated Ethiopians, I wonder how we would have turned out if they had been given a free hand.

Dawit Haile


Thanks to this web site, I was able to go back into the history that I was fortunate to have lived through. It brought back all the fond memories. Ketema, Gashe Ketema, was my boss, my prison mate, my mentor and my dearest friend. In this era of cyber dynamics, the website created by his dear son Makonnen is perhaps the best tribute that a loving son can pay to a great father, a loyal friend, a great African and a wonderful Ethiopian who embodied humility, sharp intellect and love towards his fellow human beings. I am proud to count myself as one of Ketema Yifru's friends and followers. In retrospect, his days were the finest for Ethiopian diplomacy. Words fail me to express my thanks to Makonnen for the initiative he has taken. There is a lot more to write about Ketema Yifru's achievements and legacies that this and the coming generations of Ethiopians should know. Please keep, it up.

Teferra Shiawl, Ambassador.


Dear Makonnen,

First and for most, I would like to congratulate you for a job well done. You have done an excellent job in creating this website. You have also done your part in following your father's footsteps in making sure that Ethiopia continues to shine, regardless of poverty or famine. For most of us who have made a life outside of Ethiopia, it is not always easy to remember that our beloved country is endowed with rich history, such as our contribution to the creation of the OAU. It is not a small matter to be considered Africa's voice during the 1960s when most African countries were under colonial rule. As you have correctly stated in your article, most of us are aware of the OAU and that its headquarters is located in Addis Ababa. However, what most of us are not aware of is the long and hard struggle fought by many to make that a reality.

 Of course, in our generation is is hard to see the significance of the OAU because the organization has failed to live up to its expectations; the expectations people like Ketema Yifru and Kwameh Nkrumah had of the organization. Today, the African continent is plagued with internal wars on all fronts, including our country Ethiopia. However, we continue to look for outside solutions to our internal problems. Those who worked hard in creating the OAU understood that Africa's problem can only be solved by Africans. As such, they were successful in finding African brand of solutions to our problems. However, we have somehow failed to realize this. Just as it was true then, the only viable solution to our problems is our own brand of solutions; African solutions to Africa's problems. I think it is time that the OAU looks back at its own history and remembers some of the hopes and dreams its founders had for the organization. 

For us Ethiopians, I believe this website gives us yet another opportunity to be proud of our history and to be proud of the contribution those before us have made. The information provided in this website should encourage us to step-up and take some responsibility for our country and our continent. We need to focus on our similarities rather than our differences and concentrate on having similar hopes and dreams like our fathers and their fathers before them. While people like Ketema Yifru can be judged by the contributions that they have made to their country and their continent, I wonder how history will judge us?

Again, I would like to congratulate Makonnen Ketema for a job well done.

A fellow Ethiopian!


I just want to commend you on a job well done.

The Organization of African Unity (OAU) was created in 1963, at a time when the majority of African countries were just beginning to taste the fruits of their independence. The late Emperor Haile Selassie, is often credited for the major role he played in making Ethiopia the permanent home of the organization. While I believe he should get all the accolades he deserved, he couldn't have done the job without the efforts and dedication of people like your father, Ato Ketema Yifru. He was indeed the consummate diplomat: bright, energetic, and above, dedicated to his country.

His biography was well written and supported by great photos, and I would definitely spread the word about your site.

Makonnen, you've done an excellent job and you should be proud of yourself.

Mamo Gebrehiwot


Dear Mekonnen,

I have never had the privilege of meeting you in person.  However, Gashé Ketema had told me about you and your brothers when he came to Montreal, first in the mid 80's and again a few years later.  I believe you were in Boston at the time. I actually met your father on 3 occasions, once in London, England, after his release from prison. 

Your father, as you may know,  was very fond of my father, and he told me of his wish that I get to know his children, whom he loved dearly. 

I would like you to know,  that my family and I have always had great affection and respect for your father.  He was a man of integrity,  very kind,  concerned about the welfare of others and most of all devoted to his family.

I am deeply touched to see your efforts to let the world know of the important contributions your father made to his country and Africa. 

Your web site demonstrates the love and respect you have for your father.  God bless you and your family.




WENDIM Mekonnen,

I don't know if you will receive this mail or not. A friend of mine forwarded me your site. I have no words to thank you. Your site serves purpose to people like me who grew up in the Derg era, and have lots of unanswered questions about the concept of Ethiopia's value. I grew up in a time when I called my own Dad Feudal for he is working hard to put INJERA on the MESOB to feed me. I hope I will go back one day and say to him sorry. When I think of Ethiopia, some times I say to my self "stop living in myth. What about the contemporary Ethiopia? Am I being unrealistic?.. etc." I only love her, but don't know why. All I acquired and being acquire is her down fall only.

But your presentation made me proud. It touched me. I can feel it. I knew deep in side that my poor, pride, beloved Ethiopia was great because she had people like Ketema Yifru. And will be great because she has people like you and me who love her dearly for what she is not what she has to offer only.

Have a pleasant one WENDIM ALEM.

Alemayehu Behulu


Makonnen, I cannot thank you enough for doing this web site. The reason I am grateful is that, truly, it has given me an insight that I would have never gotten from the so called "expert" books that may be out there. It has educated me about an important and significant moment in our history. Most importantly, it has made me feel soooo proud of these dedicated, committed, and visionary leaders that our Africa lacks today. In a way it had a dual effect on me: while I was proud, as I reflected on the state of affairs of our beloved Africa today, it made me feel so sad; sad that we don't see the spirit of these great leaders...sad that Africa does not see anymore Ketema Yifru's, Seku Toure's, Kwame Nkrumah's, Gamal Abdel Nasser's...(while different folks will argue about these individuals' domestic policies, especially those in head of state positions at the time...their vision for Africa is unquestionable).

And finally, a personal note: Makonnen above and beyond everything I mentioned above, I was especially moved by your efforts and the driving force, I imagine, behind this project: a son paying tribute to his father. Makonnen, may God rest your father's soul...I believe directly or indirectly, your father has molded in you a young visionary for Africa. God Bless you for what you have done, not just for you, but for us all. Thank you, Lucy


Selam Mekonnen,

You have done a commendable job creating this vital website. For those of us who don't have a slightest idea how the OAU was created, the website has ample information. I know it is time consuming to develop this kind of website, but believe me it is worthwhile. Keep up the good job.

Girma Abebe


Dear fellow countrymen, 

I was very much touched by the ample information I got from your site on the creation of the OAU. Especially on this occasion when our continent is bleeding with the irresponsible actions of warmongers who unfortunately happened to stand in place of former talented children's of Africa like the late H.E. Ketema. 

It is our responsibility to voice for the peace, development and integration of the continent. It is more than your moral obligation as a son by birth of this great guy of Africa- Ketema- to stand for the unity of Ethiopians irrespective of any sort of background- ethnic, education, etc. You know Ethiopia is naked now. It is naked not because of only Weyane as so many of us repeatedly talk about. It is because everyone of us is not playing a constructive role as to making our country assume the image it had in the sixties. The solution to our problem, no matter how grave it is, is not to be sought somewhere else but in ourselves, in our commitments, in our belief, in our effort. You see, everybody from the illiterate to the very educated person has joined the voice of blaming it on someone else. We got to snatch ourselves out from this group and start up something enviable for the good of the people. Honorable people like Ketema fought for the establishment of big premises such as the OAU with all its promises for the solidarity of the African people. After three decades since the commencement of such great event we are witnessing a time when African countries are falling apart into ethnic parcels. Shame on us! Don't blame it on one group or another! Just lets blame ourselves, lets blame our courage less status. May the courage and determination of Ketema and his fellows be with us. 


With love, 

Getachew Assefa 



Bekidmyia selmtaye yidresachihu! Ketlo ...

Thank you for the initiative & the website! If possible i would suggest that you make a biography of the leading Pan-Africanists of the time, such as Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Haile sellasie I. When the OAU had it meet in Cairo in 1964, Malcolm X - the Great Afro-American leader & freedom fighter - was there you could also incorporate items from the visit which are available in his autobiography. Perhaps you should also state the point that UNITY IS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF AFRICA otherwise the African people will end-up in a worse situation of servitude not so different in its essence from the slavery. plunder & misery under colonialism.

Keep up the good work & good luck



Dear Makonnen,

As a member of the first generation Ethiopian immigrant group, I have come to contemplate my Ethiopianess in relation to the deteriorating state of our country and the African continent. This contemplation has led to the inevitable question of what I, as an individual, can contribute for the betterment of Africa. The journey I have embarked upon to identify my responsibility to our place of origin and committing to see it through has not been easy. Partly because individual hope and action at every level which is directed at improving the lives of our African sisters and brothers is met with incredible pessimism.

However, once in a while there are people like you who provide inspiration through their creation. Thank YOU for making your father's vision of a united, peaceful and prosperous Africa available to us through this website. His patriotism, brilliant mind, personal sacrifice and commitment to Africa confirms that there is still much we need to learn about our history. Most importantly it also confirms that we must continue to dream and act for our continent no matter how big or impossible the dreams may seem. Thank you for providing support through your words and images and his actions.

Rahel Adamu


Hi Mekonnen, what a wonderful job! .

I learned a lot reading it and it captured my attention. I am sure everyone who reads it will feel the same. Keep up the great work.

Kidist Berhane


I applaud you for such an informative web site, Mekonen Ketema. It is a blessing for our mother land to have such people like you that captures her history before it erodes away into the "void" wonderland.

With appreciation

Hykel Mulugeta.:-)



I just wanted to say, thank you for putting together a great website. Mr Yifru was a great Statesman and a person all Ethiopians should respect and admire.

Daniel Eyassu


Dear Mekonen,

Thank you ever so much for sharing such a moving story with us. You have done an outstanding job telling those of us young Ethiopians who would otherwise have never known about this outstanding man. I was touched and inspired immensely.

Thank you very much indeed and I wish you success in all your endeavors.


Yilkal Abate Kassa


Dear Makonnen,
Thank you for sharing your father's biography with us, the public. I was very moved by the presentation, in that it made remember the strength of the vision that our former leaders had, and the strategic roles they played in world politics. Before everything else, they LOVED they country, and in most cases they had the mastery of the art of compromise; last but not least, the use of force came to them as a last resort; even then it was for the good of the many. In those days, Ethiopia was the midwife of Africa! Maybe that was our country's destiny!

Congratulations again!

Senait Asfaw

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